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Welcome! If you love science, space, medicine, and technology, join the party!

I write for kids and young adults, mostly about science, engineering, space, the environment and most recently 3D printing.


A microbiologist by training, I worked at NASA for 13 years in the biomedical sciences area. You can check out my radio interview KUAR FM 89.1 about what it’s like working at NASA-Johnson Space Center.


Now I write articles and books about science and technology in easy to understand language so everyone can enjoy science. Very cool!


Interesting in 3D Printing? Let's talk! A super versatile technology, you can design and print everything from jewelry, furniture, and wedding cake toppers to artificial bone, NASA replacement parts, and entire houses!

Plus, materials available for 3D printing projects are increasing daily. They include everything from chocolate, sugar, and biodegradable starch to plastics, wood, concrete, and precious metals.