Linda D. Williams

Author, Scientist, Photographer

Looking for my children's fiction? I also write picture books under the pseudonym, Quinn Cole.

Welcome! If you love science, space, medicine, and technology, join the party!

I write for kids and young adults, mostly about science, nature, and most recently 3D printing.

A microbiologist by training, I worked at NASA for 13 years in the biomedical sciences area. Very cool! Now I write science and technology books in easy to understand language so everyone can enjoy science.

Selected Works

2015-2016 AP Environmental Science builds the skills, knowledge, and test-taking confidence you need!
Chemistry Demystified, 2nd Ed. - With fully updated news, facts and arrangement, Chemistry Demystified is part of intro chemistry curricula
Careers in Forensics - For everyone interested in science, computers, photography or crime scene investigation (CSI).

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